Rich Rice 1kg

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  • 100% Natural Raw Nadan Matta kuthari Rice ,Good source of Fibre
  • The Rice stands out in its nutritional value compared to other rice and is rich in fiber. 100gms of black rice holds approx.5gms of fiber content.
  • It can be consumed everyday like normal rice; It boosts immune system and strengthens nervous system Its glutinous properties makes it ideal for risotto and rice pudding Soak for minimum 1 hour or ideally overnight.
  • Kerala Matta Rice is gluten-free grain. It is also known to fight diabetes (low glycemic index) as the rice bran contains rich fiber that helps in glucose absorption in the body. It promotes a healthy heart by reducing LDL and cholesterol levels. It also helps in WEIGHT MANAGEMENT
  • Storage :Store in cool and dry place, avoid using wet spoon to handle this product comes in a handy stand-up pouch

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Weight 1000 g
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