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    Aval 450gm

    • Prepared in a Hygienic Environment, Quality Product.
    • Sortex cleaned and superior quality
    • Packed in transparent covers to display product quality
    • Flattened rice, which is easily digestible
    • Used to prepare snacks or light and easy fast food by adding vegetables, spices and/or nuts
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  • Banana Chips 400gm

    • ✅ SEAL FOR FRESHNESS – Our banana chips are a perfect tea time snack, but they are just as good all by their lonesome. They are a perfect on the go snack and come in a Airtight reusable Container to retain freshness.
    • ✅DELICIOUS CRUNCH – SpiceBee banana chips are carefully produced to ensure maximum flavour comes with an irresistible crunch at an unmatched convenience. Nadan Nendrans, traditional flavour, a treat for your tastebuds !
    • ✅Ingredients: Banana, Turmeric Powder, Coconut Oil, and Salt (we do not reuse the oil)
    • ✅Fully Mechanised Preparation with Very Limited Human Touch for Maximum Hygiene
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    Basmathi Rice 1kg

    • Enticing aroma.
    • Suitable for all recipes.
    • Hygienically packed.
    • Maximum Shelf Life 24 Months.
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  • Black Pepper Powder

    Black Pepper Powder-700gm

    • No artificial colours and preservatives
    • Consistency in quality across the year
    • All SpiceBee spices are hygienically packed and undergo stringent and rigorous laboratory tests to meet FSSAI food safety norms
    • Net Weight: 100g
    • Country of Origin: India
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  • diabetic rice

    Bran Matta Rice 1kg

    • Unpolished bran Palakkadan Matta Rice (Rich Rice)
    • 100% Natural Raw Nadan Matta kuthari Rice ,Good source of Fibre
    • The Rice stands out in its nutritional value compared to other rice and is rich in fiber. 100gms of black rice holds approx.5gms of fiber content.
    • It can be consumed everyday like normal rice; It boosts immune system and strengthens nervous system Its glutinous properties makes it ideal for risotto and rice pudding Soak for minimum 1 hour or ideally overnight.
    • Kerala Matta Rice is gluten-free grain. It is also known to fight diabetes (low glycemic index) as the rice bran contains rich fiber that helps in glucose absorption in the body. It promotes a healthy heart by reducing LDL and cholesterol levels. It also helps in WEIGHT MANAGEMENT
    • Storage :Store in cool and dry place, avoid using wet spoon to handle this product comes in a handy stand-up pouch
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    Broken Rice 1Kg

    • Made From Quality Process Broken Rice 1kg
    • It is a Good Source of Vitamins and Minerals
    • Fine Broken Kerala Red Rice is known for their robust and earthy flavor of Red Matta Rice.
    • Porridge made from this rice is easy to digest and is high in essential nutritional elements.
    • Perfect for rice puddings, stuffings, Upma, Kheer, and sweet rice dishes.
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  • SpiceBee-Cardamom


    • No artificial colours and preservatives
    • Consistency in quality across the year
    • All Vedaka spices and seeds are hygienically packed and undergo stringent and rigorous laboratory tests to meet fssai food safety norms
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  • Cashew Nut- 900Grams

    • Premium Quality Cashews/ Kaju- 900gm
    • SpiceBee Cashew Nuts has naturally delicious buttery-sweet flavor, and are packed with vitamin E & B-6 that help fight against cardiovascular diseases.
    • These appetizing cashew nut kernels can be used while cooking as a yummy topper in biryani, desserts, shakes, smoothies, etc and can be a part of your daily munching routine.
    • With their unmistakable shape and delicious flavor, cashew nuts are store to minerals like copper, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and iron which are essential for basic functionality of human body.
    • Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container and preferably refrigerate after opening
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  • Chilly Powder

    Chilly Powder -700gm

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    Chutney powder

    • Making Sambar Preparation breezy
    • Spices of TamilNad for Relish-a-tarians
    • Traditional Sambhar Masala Podi from the villages of Tamil Nadu
    • Ingredients include Coriander Seeds, Toor dal, Chana Dal, Red Chilli, Urad Dal, Black Pepper, Cumin Seeds and Turmeric
    • Store in a cool and dry place, preferably in an air tight container for lasting flavor and life
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    Cinnamon Sticks

    • Excellent source of Vital Nutrients.
    • Hygienically packed in facility meeting food safety standards.
    • Store in a cool, Dry Place in an airtight container and preferably refrigerate after opening.
    • Cinnamon is used in Cooking, Adds aroma to the Food.
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    Coriander powder-700gm

    • Weight: 700 grams
    • Shelf life: 12 months
    • Pack contains: coriander powder 700gm
    • Specifications: coriander powder is used as addition to gravies, curries potato salad, flavoured rice, vegetable dishes
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