Welcome to SpiceBee

SpiceBee is a trustworthy name in packaged food and condiment industry. The brand “SpiceBee” has a remarkable place in the hearts of organic spice lovers in Kerala. We are traditionally tied up with eminent agriculturists and farming communities throughout the Indian Subcontinent. The company offers an extensive range of products which are essential for every Indian kitchen. We are dedicated in delivering the original quality and taste to our valued customers.  SpiceBee stands committed in ensuring the natural richness and aroma of the products we deliver.

SpiceBee Exporting 

Acknowledging the world demand for Indian organic spice produce, SpiceBee have been in this field of exporting edible products for about a decade. We are one of the growing exporting companies in the South India. Our modern infrastructure and experienced team enables us to preserve and deliver the natural richness to any corner of the world. All our Produce are registered with the relevant certifying and legalizing body, the Export Inspection Council (EIC), SpiceBee is internationally promoted by the platforms like  Spice Board Of India and  Agriexchange.

SpiceBee Spices and Blends

We offer ingredients, spices, custom blends, and overall solutions for the food service and manufacturing industries. We pride ourselves on our unmatched quality. Our research and development team has created some of the most unique and frankly, most delicious custom blends on the market today. We offer our ingredients in a variety of packaging from small to large to accommodate your needs. Because of we store our spices and ingredients on site, we are able to oversee and strictly control the manufacturing process. We have a highly trained and certified staff regularly test the quality, purity and flavor of our products.

Our spices, custom blends and seasonings will make a tremendous difference to your cooking. You will notice that the flavor of our spices and seasonings are more intense, as we blend all our herbs and spices in small batches, so they are always fresh and at their peak. So, use less than you normally would when first using them. Due to their freshness, our spices offer up a complex taste profile and character unmatched by regular super market spices, not to mention bulk spices.

To bring you only the best Spice and blends, we spend a considerable amount of our time sourcing and trying all the spices before adding them to our inventory. No sugar, preservative, fillers, MSG, or salt (unless clearly marked) are added to our herbs, spices or seasonings. Our name and our logo are our brand. We do not sell any other brand of herbs and spices. 

SpiceBee Vision

Our distinct Purpose and our operational expertise across our business model will help realise our vision to grow our business, whilst decoupling our environmental footprint from our growth and increasing our positive social impact. This is captured in the SpiceBee Living Plan. SpiceBee share our knowledge and experience to optimize our customers’ performance. By constantly initiate and innovate in order to be decisive in our market we secure an uninterrupted supply of authentic, natural and food safe spices. SpiceBee commit to the importance of developing a sustainable supply chain. Therefore, we invest in people, in relationships, in order to be partners. We stand for GMO and pesticide free organic farming.